not sure what to pack for Bluedot festival?

Full Circle are here to help with our packing guide for the Bluedot festival!

The Bluedot Festival is a music and science extravaganza which takes place from Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July 2020 at the amazing Jodrell Park Observatory in Cheshire - home to the great Lovell Telescope, one of the biggest and most powerful radio telescopes in the world.

Combining music with art installations, expert talks and live hands on science experiments this is a festival to visit if you are into any of the above! The Bluedot Festival is named after the iconic 1990 photograph of earth taken by Voyager 1 called “Pale Blue Dot” in case you are wondering, and for those to love to learn - the lectures and experiments provide much fuel for the tanks. The line up is always on point with The Chemical Brothers headlining in 2018 and New Order in 2019 so 2020 is sure to bring bigger and better things.

Bluedot have built a wonderland for the next generation of scientists and artists to explore so this festival is fantastic for families. There are experiments, workshops and activities happening each day that the whole family can enjoy together.

We just love the theme of science & learning paired with a love of music. Holding a festival at an observatory is just out of this world!
— Amy Molony, Founder of Full Circle.

Weekend ticket holders can take their own tents, stay in one of the awesome tangerine fields dome tents, try out the colony boutique camping or take live-in vehicles (campervans and caravans) and with our guide on what to pack for camping over the festival weekend you’ll be ready to enjoy all of what this awesome festival has to offer.


Top 10 Tips for packing for Bluedot festival

  1. It’s a great idea to write packing lists for tent equipment, food stuffs, clothes and toiletries, it can be easy to miss out some important home comforts without one.

  2. The Full Circle Eco-friendly Hygiene Kit comes top of the list and it’s packed in a handy cotton bag to hang it in. Included are our finest eco-friendly planet positive products which are all sustainably sourced and either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. The citrus smelling no rinse body wash will keep you clean from the comfort of your tent without the need for running water used alongside our eco-towel and exotic dry shampoo. The unisex deodorant, fresh mint toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush, antibacterial hand gel and loo roll will look after the rest.

  3. Don’t let sunburn to get in the way of enjoying the festival, prepare for rain or shine and don’t forget your suncream. Slather on a high factor and get on with the fun.

  4. Once you’ve made up your tent take a moment to scope out your surroundings - where is the nearest drinking water point, information point and toilet located? It helps to personalise your tent with a unique flag or something that is easily recognisable as there may be a few hundred of the same tent!

  5. Do keep hydrated! Take your reusable bottles and refill where you need them, we love Raw bottles and encourage all festival goers to use refillable solutions! No single use plastic please!

  6. Alcohol is allowed on the campsite but not into the arena. (enough for one person to consume is their guidelines)

  7. Campfires are not allowed due to safety reasons but 220g gas canister camping stoves are permitted as are small portable BBQs when used in the fire lane. Never take them into a tent or enclosed area as you will expose yourself to carbon monoxide. Breakfast at camp is a great start to the day you can then sample whats to offer in the festival grounds throughout the day.

  8. You never know what the Great British weather may bring so dress for any eventuality and layer up. Bring wellies AND flipflops!

  9. Those night time toilet trips can be tricky so a head lamp comes in ultra hand and help find your way in the dark with by marking up your tent with solar lights, watch out for guy ropes and exposed tent pegs - they hurt!

  10. Respect others need for sleep, keep noise to a minimum in the early hours if you are still up partying.

    Our top tip of all…..? switch off from the world & IMMERSE yourself in the science, music and culture of bluedot!


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