The Full Circle Guide to surviving Long Haul Flights

Air travel is the safest form of travel, so thankfully when we talk about a survival kit it’s about making your experience as easy and pleasurable as possible rather than pitting you against the wild. Although, it’s worth mentioning that our Full Circle hygiene packs do happen to be perfect for that too… Just saying.

Long haul flights already contribute heavily to carbon emissions, so it’s vital to be mindful of your impact in other ways. Everyone deserves a holiday, but be thoughtful of the footprint and work to reduce it in other ways. 
— Amy Molony, Founder of Full Circle.
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Top 10 Tips for staying fresh on your long haul flight

  1. Choose your airline wisely, there really are good and bad airlines so do your research and read views, look out for factors such as seat width, leg room, in flight meals included etc.

  2. Relax - When else do you get 8 + hours to sit back and do nothing but sleep, read, watch films, eat and drink? Make the most of this break from the norm and enjoy.

  3. Dress for comfort - so that you can do the above to the max, make sure that you are dressed comfortably, think layers, soft fabrics, nothing too tight, some fluffy socks to keep your toes warm. Aeroplanes are renowned for their chilly aircon so have a hoody or jumper to hand, you can always use it to double up as a pillow.

  4. Stay Hydrated - Take an empty refillable water bottle and fill up after security, drink plenty of water slowly and regularly while avoiding too much tea, coffee and alcohol. The dry cabin can also affect your skin and eyes too so take some moisturiser and eye drops if you need them.

  5. Reserve the best seat that you can - Exit rows usually have the most leg room and children are normally seated at the front of the plane so if you want to avoid screaming kids then choose the back seats. If you like to move around or use the toilet frequently, choose an aisle seat for ease.  You can normally choose your seat once checkout opens, British Airways for example open check in 24 hours before the flight so set an alarm to remind you.

  6. Aeroplanes are notoriously filthy so stay clean with a Full Circle travel kit, the antibacterial hand gel will help you to sanitize the area you are sitting in (we recommended wiping it down with one of the biodegradable wipes as soon as you arrive to your seat)  the no rinse body wash and eco towel will allow you to freshen up without the use of a shower and the deodorant and dry shampoo are travel size so can take you through your flight and onto your destination, as can the bamboo toothbrush and paste. There’s no need to stock up on plastic travel toiletries when you have a more environmentally friendly option like Full Circle to use. These products are all either refillable, recyclable or biodegradable.

  7. Keep your stomach happy - don’t be tempted to eat a huge meal before you fly, choose something that will get you through to your next meal without making you feel bloated.  Long haul flight meals sometimes work on different time zones, particularly when leaving a destination for home so you could end up eating a curry at breakfast or brunch at dinner time, take some healthy snacks with you for the ride so that you don’t get caught out.

  8. Aid circulation by getting out of your seat from time to time, this will help get your blood flowing and prevent the risk of DVT, you can buy socks which help prevent this. Keeping hydrated will also help.

  9. Other must haves to take on board are an eye mask and ear plugs to help block out the light and noise when you are trying to sleep, some earphones of your own as airline are not always great and a pen always comes in handy for immigration papers and customs forms if travelling far away.

  10. Dry Shampoo is a life-saver for getting that fresh feeling before landing - stroll through arrivals looking like a star whilst everyone else feels bedraggled. Our Full Circle travel kit has a tropical scented Dry Shampoo in 50ml travel size, making it perfect for freshening up at 30,000 feet.


Eco-Friendly Survival & Hygiene Kit

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