Stress free eco-friendly camping guide

Ok, we can’t promise it will be stress-free but we can certainly make it less stressful!

Picture this, open meadows, children running free without a care in the world, smores on a campfire with music and singing - sounds great right? Just get the essentials straight and this can all be yours…

To fully enjoy a camping experience, forward planning and preparation is a must, don’t let this put you off though, use our tips to help you plan and execute an unforgettable trip that will bring you together as a family and be at one with nature whilst making lasting memories.

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a picturesque camping location only to see it littered in discarded plastics. whatever you take with you and use.
please. take. it. home.
— Amy Molony, Founder of Full Circle.

Top 10 Tips for eco-friendly camping trips

  1. Set out your main cooking area and cover it with tarpaulin or a gazebo (if you can find an Eco-friendly tarps then great - or borrow from a fellow camper, sharing is caring :) ) you will then be able to cook under cover whatever the weather without the pressure.

  2. Learn how to build a camp-fire, make sure you  can start it ( we recommend long matches) and make your own firelighters 

  3. Pack your outfits in rolls with the smallest items like underwear and socks in the middle so that they can be easily accessed and remember layers for chilly weather.

  4. Take some solar lights to dot around the area for the evening time and any night time toilet trips.

  5. Prepare your meal ingredients and snacks at home to reduce the need for chopping and washing up, you could pre-chop and marinade meats and veg for kebabs, chop up fruit snacks and compartmentalise into portions with easy grab access. (Remember your eco-friendly options for storage!)

  6. Pack your Full Circle eco-friendly essentials: no rinse body wash to keep you clean from the comfort of your tent without the need for running water, biodegradable towel to use with the no rinse, bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste in a reusable aluminium tin, dry hair shampoo and deodorant to keep you smelling fresh, biodegradable face wipes to wipe away the days dirt and hand sanitiser for extra cleanliness….oh and toilet roll, you’ll need the toilet roll! All this is a handy cotton bag which can be hung up in your tent to keep it all together and off of the floor.

  7. Don’t forget your sun cream, insect repellent torch with spare batteries and a first aid kit

  8. Handwashing station - anti-bac is all well and good but you will want to wash off the heavier dirt and we love this idea from pintrest.

  9. Bring plenty of ropes and blankets for den building.

  10. Plan some fun family activities: 

    Make a native scavenger hunt for feathers, acorns, dock leaves, pine cones etc.

    Make a map, get the kids involved

    Build a fort/den/treehouse

    Build a fun obstacle course

    Go on an adventure through the woods

Most of all, try to switch off your electronics and relax.


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