The perfect gift for festival lovers

Son or Daughter off to their first festival? Birthday coming up? A full circle festival survival kit makes for the perfect gift.


the eco-friendly
gift for music lovers

We’ve got four great reasons why a Full Circle Festival Survival Kit makes for a perfect gift.

1. no queues for the shower

time is priceless, a waterless survival kit means no queing for showers and more time for music

2. forget single use plastic

All our products are non-animal tested, vegan friendly, they’re either reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.
This makes it a great gift for anyone that cares about their environmental impact.

3. no need for wrapping paper

We send everything in a reusable cotton jute bag, and use starch-based packing peanuts to keep it safe - so you can skip the wrapping paper.

4. you’re going with them

No one wants to be dealing with festival-whiffiness come sunday morning. it’s as much a gift for you as them.

On-top of all this, we make a donation to charity for each pack purchased. find out more.


what Our awesome
Customers say


what’s inside our
festival kit?

By their powers combined, they’re one awesome gift for any festival lover.



“My daughter is off to her first festival to celebrate before going to uni, i loved the fact the kit was eco-minded and so did she. thanks for the quick delivery!”

Wendy Reid