With multi-night festivals becoming more popular than ever, we’ve put together the ultimate festival guide to help you and your friends not only survive but also to make the very most of your festival, from what to wear to where to pitch your tent - we’ve got you covered.

Here at Full Circle we really care about the environment so we’ve gone the extra mile where possible to find the most sustainable ways to help you have your festival fun while making the lowest impact on the surrounding countryside.

Our List of Festival Essentials

No-Rinse Body Wash

  1. Festival ticket (or even better an e-ticket but make sure that phone is charged)

  2. Reusable water bottle

  3. Reusable cutlery, if you forget always opt for wood over plastic.

  4. Tent - the easier to put up and take down the better (PLEASE take it home with you!)

  5. Sleeping bag

  6. Roll mat - you’ll appreciate it trust us!

  7. Full Circle hygiene kit:
    Unisex antiperspirant in a recyclable aluminium can
    Toothpaste in a zero-waste reusable aluminium pot
    Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush
    Antibac hand gel in a zero-waste reusable aluminium bottle
    No-rinse body wash in a zero-waste reusable aluminium bottle
    Dry shampoo in a recyclable aluminium can
    20 x plastic-free biodegradable face-wipes
    Biodegradable eco-towel
    100% recycled Eco-leaf toilet paper

  8. Suntan lotion - go for a decent factor, we’d recommend 30 or 50

  9. Plasters - you never know when you might need them

  10. ID

  11. Hat - to protect you from the sun or rain

  12. Contraceptives - to protect you from god knows what

  13. Food - think dense filling snacks liked dried fruit bars, flapjacks etc

  14. Paracetamol

  15. Portable phone charger

  16. Waterproof coat

  17. Laundry bag for all your dirty clothing once worn

  18. Perfume testers come in really handy rather than bringing your favourite bottle

  19. Clean dry clothes to travel home in

  20. Headtorch for the tent to share

  21. Earplugs - You’ll need at least a few hours sleep here and there - choose eco if you can - these are made of beeswax and are biodegradable

What to Wear at a Festival & How to Pack

  • Our number one suggestion - forget playsuits/dungarees/onesies, they are not the portloos friend, wear at your peril!

  • Flip flops for sunny weather and welly boots for rain - pack both! Even if the flip flops are just used for your tent area (please don’t buy cheap and chuck them away after!!) https://www.uniguide.com/recycled-vegan-eco-friendly-flip-flops/

  • Shorts instead of leggings - if it rains your skin will dry quicker than material and you’ll be busy dancing anyway!

  • Sequinned top - just because - we love these ethical brands:

  • Warm fitted hoodie - don’t bother with oversized, it will take up more room AND let the cold in

  • Socks & Pants - alway add an extra two pairs, it makes sense.

  • Gym leggings and tights for comfort and warmth, plus they weigh next to nothing

  • DON’T take anything that you’ll regret - valuables are best left at home

Full Circle Festival Camping Hints & Tips

  • Raise the flag - use a visual marker to mark your tent or camp near a fixed sign or landmark that you will remember and be able to find easily.

  • Don’t camp near toilets - it may seem like a good idea at the time but trust us, it ain’t, 2-3 mins walk is about right.

  • Use a head-torch - for those 2-3 minute toilet trips at night

  • Stay off the beaten track - well at least a little bit, you don’t want any tent crashers at 4 in the morning falling or being pushed onto your tent!

  • Choose wisely - a flat space on high ground is perfection, avoid areas that could get boggy if the weather fails you.

  • If socially acceptable - make a circle formation with your tents with a small space for communal gatherings (don’t be a space hogger though- it’s frowned upon).

  • Pack up the night before leaving and leave at first light - you DO NOT WANT TO BE LAST TO LEAVE.

  • Take it all home, don’t be the d*#k that leaves their tent and rubbish for someone else to clear up, reuse as much of your kit as you can for next year!

Full Circle Hints & Tips for Festival Toilets

  • If available use the Compost toilets - the queue is often shorter and we’ll let you into a secret - they are much better than portaloos, both for the environment and general user pleasure and let’s face it, everyones s*#t stinks there’s no getting away from that…. Boom festival are very specific about how precious poop is they call it ‘Black Gold’ and use the compost to feed the land, it’s the circle of life!!

  • Shewees - to shewee or not to shewee? If you can get your aim right and you are going to keep the contraption rather than throw it away after the festival then we are all for them! Better for the environment than their ‘disposable urinal’ counterpart. (But please - dispose of it properly!) If not - ladies perfect your squatting position!

General Festival Survival Hints and Tips

  • Don’t make any life changing decisions while at a festival….it’s not real life ya know?! Thinking of giving up your job to travel the world and climb Kilimanjaro? Don’t send the resignation letter just yet, wait till the festival haze has cleared.

  • Go back to the old school and make plans with friends in ahead of time, don’t rely on texts getting delivered and the whatsapp thread updating….

  • Organise an emergency meeting point on arrival at the site for SOS moments

  • I think we’ve said it before - be packed and ready to leave early doors. You can thank us later.

  • Preserve your phone battery by turning the settings down (volume, brightness, contrast) live in the moment too - not through your phone lense!

  • Milk thistle for the hangover - avoid the festival blues.

Caring for Poorly Friends at a Festival

  • Locate the Festivals Medical & First Aid services on the day you arrive, you never know if you may need them.

  • In an emergency, approach a festival steward, festival information stand, festival security or police if you are in need of help.

  • The FMS offer the following advice:

1. Eat before drinking and consume plenty of water, regularly (regular sips are better than one large volume)

2. You can sometimes purchase the ‘morning after’ pill from on site festival pharmacies but do check before hand.

3. If you take prescription medicines, ensure it is in its original container and clearly labelled with the pharmacy sticker and bring your repeat prescription counterfoil